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学校名 福岡県公立高校 [Mar 10 2020 12:00:00:AM]
  • 英語
リスニング 問題1~問題4,筆記テスト 大問1~大問4 リスニングテスト
問題1 (1)  ウ  (2)  エ  (3)  イ
問題2 (1)  7 dollars  (2)  11:00
問題3 (1)  ア  (2)  イ  (3)  エ
問題4 問1 (1) イ
      (2)(例) They are the ( baby ) ( lions ).
      (3)(例1) Because they may become sick. (5語)
        (例2) They may become sick. (4語)
   問2(例) I want to go shopping. (5語)

A  イ   B  エ   C  ア   D  エ

問1 ① to find where to  ② sure these make life
問2 (1) ウ  (2) without words
問3 (例1) (Because) many people can get information from them.  (8語)
   (例2) (Because) many people can understand them.  (6語)

問1 (1)(例) She takes care of her brothers.  (6語)
   (2)(例) She looked happier than before.  (5?)
問2(例) 子どもたちが来る前に,この幼稚園の先生たちが,毎朝,全ての部屋を掃除すること。
問3  イ
問4  ウ ・ カ

(例)  I think ( A ) is better. There are four players who like
basketball and enjoy playing it together, so I want to join them. B shows
one player and doesn’t tell me anything about the team. (30語)
(例) I think ( A ) is better. I want to practice hard to be a
  cool player like him. A shows a good team, but B gives me more power
  to do my best in the team.  (30語)